From Krav to royals and back again

There can sure be huge differences one week to another.

One week I’m in Oslo, training Krav, fighting, kicking, punching, getting bruises in places I didn’t even know I could get bruised – and having the time of my life.

Next week I’m at a dinner with the Swedish Prince Carl Philip, and his newly wed Princesse Sofia. Sitting at the same table as Carl Philip, dining, conversing, drinking wine, explaining my bruises – and having the time of my life.

I could have chosen a dress with long sleeves, but why should I hide my Krav tattoes? It’s a great conversation starter!

Now why was I at a royal dinner? Well, I’m a Very Important Person. And I also happen to know the host of the dinner, the landshövding (governor) in my region Värmland, who is also chairman of the Donation Council in Sweden. We’ve been in meetings together, working together, and we’re striving for the same goal – more organdonations in Sweden.

And the prince is the Duke of Värmland.

So on his and princesse Sofias first visit to Värmland as a married couple, I was on the guest list for the dinner.

And now we’re back to Krav again. Right now I’m on the train to Gothenburg to take part in the first two days of GIC2 (I’ll be doing GIC2 in Scotland in October, this will be extra training for me) – and right now I’m super stoked about seeing everyone from Oslo again, to get to fight and kick and punch for a whole weekend – and that I’ve got my mandatory Snickers in my bag!

Plus – two training days with Tommy Blom, I mean – it’s kind of hard to miss out on that. But yeah, mostly stoked about the Snickers..

I’m pretty sure I’ll have the time of my life this weekend also.





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