GIC2 Day 2: Spin me, choke me, stab me, hug me

I’m exhausted.

We start at 9 am in the mornings. I mean, it’s a sleep in for crying out loud. But still, I was so tired today I didn’t know where to turn.

And there were a lot of turns this morning. Part of the warm up consisted of a great deal of spinning and running in circles. Dima got dizzy right away and had to sit out. Two minutes later I wished I’d joined him..

We went on to chokes from all directions, with pushing and pulling. Then we worked on kick defenses against knife attacks and in the arvo we finished with bearhugs from all directions.

Our lunch was a bit of a fiasko though.

We have an hour for lunch (hence the sleep in), and let’s just say it took 55 minutes to get our food at the one restaurant that was open (what’s up Germany, don’t people have to eat in this country?). We gulped down the food in ten minutes, and arrived 13 minutes late. When Tobias started his warm up and teaching lesson with running, I thought it would all come up again.

He felt more comfortable doing his teaching in german, and it was interesting having a whole lesson in a language you don’t know. It shows how easy things are to teach if you follow the steps and have a good routine (and look at the others from time to time)! It was a fun experience!





Dimas state for most of the day



Dima getting his balls kicked in the same place over and over again – no one can complain about the accuracy of Jan’s kicks.


You know you’re in Germany..


Lunch! Ate it all in 8 minutes!


We love each other here at GIC – we hug each other a lot!


Tobias getting feedback after his teaching – well done!

Todays word: Jawhol (sir, yes sir!)

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