GIC2 Day 3 & Day 4: Sometimes you need to pick yourself up and carry on

Day 3: The worst day ever

Day 4: The best day ever

My fellow GIC’ers, and the peeps that as of Sunday can call themselves instructors (way to go guys, you’re fucking awesome!), I think we all can vouch for that the highs and lows really come and go during this course.

It’s physically and mentally a challenge. You’re putting your body through a lot, and your brain through even more.

If you’ve read my previous posts about GIC1 you know it took me exactly half of part one to break down. Four and a half day.

This time it only took me a little over two days.

Monday morning – and it was time for rolls and break falls. Normally I don’t like them because I’m not good at them, but now with sore shoulders I’m against them even more. And I don’t know, I guess I didn’t sleep that well and I was feeling low in general. So when we started rolling on the floor (super hard floor I might add), my brain said ”No. No way. Forget it. I can’t do this.” And that was all it took. I had to leave and just let the river flow for a while.

I get this mental block when it comes to rolls.

You can’t do this. You suck. You’re weak and lousy and it’s gonna hurt.

Not really nice thoughts to give to myself.

The good thing about breaking down in part one, is that now I know that it doesn’t matter. I can break down, and then pick myself up again. And I don’t give a f*** if I’m red as a tomato and swollen like an addict on cortisol. It’s just how it is. Solve the situation, as my instructors would say.

Well, I admit it’s not a very constructive way of solving the problem by hiding in the bathroom for 10 minutes and then go and do three rolls (half decent rolls, not bad, not perfect) while the rest have done like 50 rolls. It’s a real waste of practice time, I get that. I could play the female card, but hey, why would I? Females don’t have monopoly on break downs, just as guys don’t have monopoly on burping – yeah, you know what I mean, german Markus.

The rest of the day was better, but also worst. My head hurt like crazy, and I went to bed at 9.30 pm last night. Yeah, me! In bed before ten! (hence the double post tonight)



A fun new way of doing situps


An even more fun way to do situps – let’s see if Markus knows what he’s supposed to do..


Ahh, there we go!


Come on Markus, work that German beard!


Focus, focus!


Come on Markus, don’t quit on Jan!


You can do it!


A little more…


Nice! Good job!


Jan teaching backward roll




Benny getting a nice leg stretch… or…?


After getting a real nice kick to the thigh, Dima is pleased to finally get his hands around Jan’s throat.


Yours truly getting head slammed by Tevini.


Switched roles.


And this is what you get from trying to choke the head instructor.



My enormous head ache allowed me to eat half of a double cheese burger and half of the fries. Yes Jarmo, the food quality has sunk.. Into a funk…


Man oh man! Nine hours sleep!

I woke up rested – without any headache – and the entire day I’ve been on top of the world!!!

I’ve had energy, getting back my appetite, singing out loud, hitting Dima a bit too hard – you know, the way that it should be. They say day 5 is the breaking point for many – I hope I had my breaking point yesterday, so that tomorrow will be just as awesome as today!


We do a small unofficial warm up by ourselves in the morning – playing some football before we start. There’s a lot of ”Aah nein!” and ”Scheiße!”


Stick attacks!


Asian food for lunch – Dima and Bernis are digging in.




Matthias is getting Jan with a hook punch.


But not this time!


Aaaand, Jan attacks to the groin – no groin, no Krav Maga!


Dima’s normal facial expression.


We found a word we now at Lidl.


We had a ”smörgåsbord” of delicacies for dinner!



Sandwiches, coke, salami, cheese and a groin.

Monday’s word: Kreis (circle)

Today’s word: Drücken (push)


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