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GIC1 Day 3: Turning up the heat


Morning has broken, like the first morning, blackbird has spoken, like the first bird!

I woke up with a smile at 06.08 am. Why? I had slept like a log AND there was still another half hour – forty minutes before I had to get up.

Aaah! A good nights sleep can really work wonders! And believe me, on this course you need it. You really need it. The fact that I got to bed at 10 pm is, in itself, a miracle. I’m a night owl and have no trouble staying up until the wee morning hours. But yesterday my body was telling me, quite frankly, that I had to sleep.

Yesterday I was kind of in a funk. I felt awkward, clumsy and like I was a combination of a giraffe with bambi legs (they kinda have bambi legs already, but yeah..) and with the coordination of a drunk elephant.

Today – much better! I was a gazelle, a cobra and squirrel – all in one. Don’t smirk at the squirrel – they’re fast as fuck and nasty little bastards that mask themselves as pretty and cute.

The heat got turned up a little today – my legs are gonna be sore as hell tomorrow (no more gazelle I fear..). My punches are feeling better and I’ve found a better fighting stance – Rune, if you’re reading this and I’m dead wrong, you can correct me tomorrow – not in the comments. Please.

We got to do some kicks as well today (hence the sore legs tomorrow). Hehe, I knocked the wind out of Dima with my defensive kick forward. Let’s just say he didn’t like it.




I’ve got some comments (mostly from John) that I’m not writing enough about how handsome and stunning all the guys are that I’m living with (i.e. the swedes). No offense, norwegians and danish blokes. So here we have some of the good looking boys – smile for the camera!


The final drill today was Thunderstruck – new to me, but oh yeah baby, I’m gonna use this.

Future students, be aware!

Basically, every time you hear Thunder or Thunderstruck – drop and do a sprawl. Here we see Dima in action – go go go Dima, work it, hit it, down and up!

Now I have to do some changes to my warm up, since we got some new tips today that completely messed up my plan.. Damn.. If I’m in bed at ten tonight, I’d be surprised..



ps. I’m in such a good mood Marcus, that now you can click on the pictures and get a bigger version!