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Sneak peak of GIC2


Food for champions – loading up for a weekend of fighting!


Two days of training. 17 hours of Krav Maga.

All I want is more.

It’s like I saw the gang yesterday. Like we’ve been home for a day or two since Oslo, and now it’s right back into the Krav bubble.

This time, it’s a lot more teaching.

Warm ups – from the beginning, we’re the ones doing them – what, you’re not prepared? Well, suck it up, you know what to do. We’re also teaching techniques in small groups from day one. It’s really neat, the way it’s made up – the whole system, the instructor course, everything just connects.

Except for my limbs.

We started with defenses against high roundhouse kicks on Saturday morning. And to be able to defend a high roundhouse, you’re partner needs to be able to kick a high roundhouse. Duh. This went pretty fine, apparently the stretching I’ve done has payed off. I just need to work on my balance.

But today we did defenses against side kicks, and my brain and my body are having quite a heated discussion about what to do, and in which order. I have a tendency to step too early. It’s like that with many techniques for me. I’m prepared, I’m ready, I’m waiting for the attack, so I step before it actually starts..

But hair grabs yesterday was a lot of fun (ouch my scalp), although shirt grabs today went both good and comme ci comme ca.

All in all – a super duper yabba dabba do weekend!! Good training, great instructor and awesome training mates!

I’m gonna miss y’all so much – it won’t be the same without Ingelas hugs, Nimas crazy eyes, Jarmos food and Lailas (aka Markus) sensitive nipples. I’ll also miss Marcus’ (with the proper spelling) clinches and Johns reports of todays crimes.

You guys are like family – a really fucked up, dirty minded and punch crazy family – and I’ll make sure I get to see (and kick) you as often as possible! Keep on fighting – you’re gonna do great in GIC2!

At Johns place – invasion, and Spiderman.




We welcome Hugo (Sthlm) with some hard core cleaning.



First day and the napping at lunch is already starting.



I’m ignoring the apple and going nuts (!) with the Snickers.


Evening grocery shopping in Gothenburg.



Jarmo likes his onions.


Ice cream buffé at John’s in the evening. Sugar rush? Hells to the yes!





Bye bye gang – best peeps ever!