GIC3 Day 2: Shoot me. Shoot me now.

My oh my what a technical day..

My brain is overflowing. My body doesn’t know where to turn anymore. My stomach is in uproar. My arms are bruising. My legs are wobbly. And my knee is swollen.

But worse is that my throat is itchy. It doesn’t hurt – don’t worry, I know better than to work out with a sore throat – but it itches. Like there’s a tiny hand holding a miniature feather tickling me right above my vocal cords and behind my uvula. It’s annoying as fuck, and it’s helling up my mind. No wait, it’s annoying as hell, and it’s fucking up my mind. See, I can’t even get my words straight today.

Luckily for me, today’s teaching in micro groups were to be done in absolut silence. No words, not a peep – and twelve minutes to teach a technique. It was awesome for my throat, and a real nice challenge. I messed mine up a little (headlock from the front, ”guillotine”) in the beginning, but got it right in the end. It might have had something to do with the fact that Jan was throwing pillows at me as I was starting to teach.. Crazy German.

But yeah, I’m scared shitless of getting sick. That, and/or injury, is my biggest fear at this point.

If I would get sick now, even if I rested tomorrow and only did my teaching test on Monday and didn’t participate when the others did their teaching, I still wouldn’t be healthy in time for the grading on Tuesday. This is what’s fucking up my mind. Don’t get sick, don’t get sick, don’t get sick. So there is only one thing to do. Don’t get sick.

Today, apart from the very quiet teaching bit, we’ve worked with knives, sticks and guns. It’s all good fun, but very difficult..! So many things you need to get right.

Tomorrow is the last day of repetitions before the testing starts. Time to hit the hay!


Marton talking about kick defenses against knives.


A close up of Tevini’s butt. Hey, I’m not weird, he posed for it..!


Dima’s legs are cramping up.


Bernis is showing stretching exercises. Markus is sitting still.


Getting attacked by Tevini.


Dima attacking Tevini.


The general feeling in the end of the day.



My right knee (here to the left) has seen better days.


After-dinner-snack. Yup, kebab for dinner, and pizza for dessert. Dima’s idea of fine dining.

Todays word/s: Hustenbonbon (cough drop).

I also got the pleasure of trying to side kick Bernis today. While Dima flies like a frisbee, my kicks barely had an impact on Mr. B. He’s like a Serbian armor tank.

Lessons to be taught by this:
1. Practice stronger kicks.
2. Don’t upset Bernis.

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  1. Tsung 1 december, 2015 at 20:49 #

    Önskar att få ta del av sista delen, alltså dag 3… ;) Tack så hemskt mycket för bloggandet hittills!